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Port-A-Party can turn your outdoor space into a fully-functional party venue with our beautiful, marble-top portable bar and open-air hospitality tent. Designed with your guest's experience in mind, our integrated turnkey portable bar features state-of-the-art equipment and multimedia entertainment capabilities to ensure your special event will be remembered for a long time. Your bar staff will also appreciate the high quality, fully functional features of our portable bar and mobile hospitality tent, such as large stainless steel sinks and capture tank, running water, drink taps with onboard CO2 tanks and two power generators.

The portable bar, with twenty-eight mounted, eight free standing bar stools and ten large serving tables, can accommodate a party of hundreds. Large HD TV screens with satellite and video feed, plus local FM, CD, DVD and iPod feed capabilities make for a lively party tent experience. If you've been considering doing something special, call us at 1-877-264-2949 to reserve a portable bar and mobile hospitality suite for your next outdoor event.